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Private DataVault™

A Private DataVault™ (PDV) is a revolutionary, highly secure, self-serviced and fully anonymous digital vault for storing your customer, corporate and employee data. It enables access to your sensitive and confidential data to be managed in a simple and professional manner.

The PDV provides two clear solutions:

Data Consumers (Organisations), The PDV will allow you to mitigate the legal and regulatory risks associated with managing your end users’ private data, enable the optimisation of scalable data processing and deliver unambiguous management information for enhanced decision-making. A PDV can simplify how you implement a compliant data strategy for GDPR and similar regulatory requirements.

Data Owners (Consumers), New government regulation is emphasising how your data belongs to you. The PDV will allow you to control the communication (how? when? where?) and information (what?) flows between your stakeholders, both internally and externally. So you can be confident in the knowledge your data is both secure and accessible, whilst the process itself is fully-auditable.

A Private DataVault™ introduces the concept of DataView and tokens. Tokenization will greatly reduce your risk within the organisation and enable compliance through anonymity. DataView allow the Data Owner to grant pertinent access to the data for use by a specific predefined group such as the marketing team.

Only you and the intended recipient can access DataView held in a Private DataVault™.

About Magicbox

Magicbox is a technology & innovations company founded in March 2015, With a goal to create a Personal Information Management Service (PIMS) that enables users to manage their data securely via a single point of control and share that data with their preferred business partners. This has resulted in the creation of a Software As A Service (SAAS) platform architecture built around the concept of a Private DataVault™ - a secure, encrypted and dedicated channel between the consumer and their service providers.

With a strong technical background in Node.js and web technologies, our experienced development team enjoy a deserved reputation for delivering highly secure, scalable server-side software architectures to highly satisfied clients.


The simple and often uncomfortable truth is that the data that defines some of your most important business assets in fact belongs to the customers that gave it to you, directly or indirectly - and now they can ask for it back at any time. Even when they are happy to share it with you, they are legally empowered to dictate what it contains, when & how you process it and how long you can hold it for.

This in itself poses enormous data management and regulatory compliance challenges, but it also offers tremendous opportunities – by using our PDV solution you can earn greater trust, develop a better understanding and build a more valued relationship with your customers.

Simple, Fast & Secure…

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